Class JKDataSourceListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, org.hibernate.SessionEventListener

public class JKDataSourceListener extends Object implements org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
The listener interface for receiving JKDataSource events. The class that is interested in processing a JKDataSource event implements this interface, and the object created with that class is registered with a component using the component's method. When the JKDataSource event occurs, that object's appropriate method is invoked.
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  • Constructor Details

    • JKDataSourceListener

      public JKDataSourceListener(int index)
      Instantiates a new JK data source listener.
      index - the index
  • Method Details

    • transactionCompletion

      public void transactionCompletion(boolean successful)
      Transaction completion.
      Specified by:
      transactionCompletion in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
      successful - the successful
    • jdbcConnectionAcquisitionStart

      public void jdbcConnectionAcquisitionStart()
      Jdbc connection acquisition start.
      Specified by:
      jdbcConnectionAcquisitionStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • jdbcConnectionAcquisitionEnd

      public void jdbcConnectionAcquisitionEnd()
      Jdbc connection acquisition end.
      Specified by:
      jdbcConnectionAcquisitionEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • jdbcConnectionReleaseStart

      public void jdbcConnectionReleaseStart()
      Jdbc connection release start.
      Specified by:
      jdbcConnectionReleaseStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • jdbcConnectionReleaseEnd

      public void jdbcConnectionReleaseEnd()
      Jdbc connection release end.
      Specified by:
      jdbcConnectionReleaseEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • jdbcPrepareStatementStart

      public void jdbcPrepareStatementStart()
      Jdbc prepare statement start.
      Specified by:
      jdbcPrepareStatementStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • jdbcPrepareStatementEnd

      public void jdbcPrepareStatementEnd()
      Jdbc prepare statement end.
      Specified by:
      jdbcPrepareStatementEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • jdbcExecuteStatementStart

      public void jdbcExecuteStatementStart()
      Jdbc execute statement start.
      Specified by:
      jdbcExecuteStatementStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • jdbcExecuteStatementEnd

      public void jdbcExecuteStatementEnd()
      Jdbc execute statement end.
      Specified by:
      jdbcExecuteStatementEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • jdbcExecuteBatchStart

      public void jdbcExecuteBatchStart()
      Jdbc execute batch start.
      Specified by:
      jdbcExecuteBatchStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • jdbcExecuteBatchEnd

      public void jdbcExecuteBatchEnd()
      Jdbc execute batch end.
      Specified by:
      jdbcExecuteBatchEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • cachePutStart

      public void cachePutStart()
      Cache put start.
      Specified by:
      cachePutStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • cachePutEnd

      public void cachePutEnd()
      Cache put end.
      Specified by:
      cachePutEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • cacheGetStart

      public void cacheGetStart()
      Cache get start.
      Specified by:
      cacheGetStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • cacheGetEnd

      public void cacheGetEnd(boolean hit)
      Cache get end.
      Specified by:
      cacheGetEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
      hit - the hit
    • flushStart

      public void flushStart()
      Flush start.
      Specified by:
      flushStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • flushEnd

      public void flushEnd(int numberOfEntities, int numberOfCollections)
      Flush end.
      Specified by:
      flushEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
      numberOfEntities - the number of entities
      numberOfCollections - the number of collections
    • partialFlushStart

      public void partialFlushStart()
      Partial flush start.
      Specified by:
      partialFlushStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • partialFlushEnd

      public void partialFlushEnd(int numberOfEntities, int numberOfCollections)
      Partial flush end.
      Specified by:
      partialFlushEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
      numberOfEntities - the number of entities
      numberOfCollections - the number of collections
    • dirtyCalculationStart

      public void dirtyCalculationStart()
      Dirty calculation start.
      Specified by:
      dirtyCalculationStart in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
    • dirtyCalculationEnd

      public void dirtyCalculationEnd(boolean dirty)
      Dirty calculation end.
      Specified by:
      dirtyCalculationEnd in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener
      dirty - the dirty
    • end

      public void end()
      Specified by:
      end in interface org.hibernate.SessionEventListener